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Welcome To The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out is a company that has been formed to provide a long awaited solution that assists people that own timeshare, fixed/floating weeks, fractional ownership, points or holiday club memberships. As timeshare release experts, we specialise in the cancellation and termination of the above timeshare contracts and therefore prevent unwanted and escalating maintenance fees. Additionally we provide litigation for incorrectly sold timeshare, and we actively pursue compensation claims if applicable, as well as dealing with every other aspect of timeshare release and litigation.

Trusted Timeshare Release Specialist Solicitors

Within our timeshare release organisation we work in conjunction with a professional team of trusted UK solicitors and barristers who are regulated by the UK Law Society and the Bar council. Our UK solicitors and barristers have an extensive knowledge and understanding of timeshare contracts and specialise in conflict of law principles. This allows them to explore all aspects of cross jurisdictional matters throughout the international community.

This, in return, allows us to provide a fast and efficient service, giving our clients peace of mind and confidence in the actions we take to provide an easy solution and a smooth transition in releasing you from your timeshare burden.

The Only Way Out would like to take this opportunity to invite you obtain a free no obligation consultation to determine the facts of your particular timeshare case. There is no case too small for us to handle, and every timeshare case that we deal with is treated with the strictest confidence and professionalism.

We would like to advise that our timeshare release services and consultations are free. We DO NOT charge any fees for our services. All fees, IF required, are directly paid to your designated UK timeshare solicitor. Your designated UK solicitor will endeavour to resolve your case in a courteous and professional manner because they understand how harrowing and upsetting these situations can be.

The Only Way Out collates information from our initial meeting, that then will be presented on your behalf to our team of UK solicitors so they can determine if you have a valid case. The Only Way Out operate in this way so that we can offer legal and para legal services to keep us compliant with the current UK legislation even though we are not Solicitors.

Thank you for researching our site and we hope that our timeshare release services will be invaluable to you.

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